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Planning a Wedding


☑ Set a date
☑ Decide on guest numbers
☑ Choose venue and catering
☑ Wedding Vendors
☑ Detailed Planning
☑ The big day is here!

The BIG Day!

"The most important thing here is to relax, enjoy and embrace each moment the best way possible even if little things don’t fully go as planed.”

How to plan a wedding

Are you in the process of planning a wedding and don’t know where to start? This quick guide will assist you with the process and give you an idea of key factors to keep in mind when making decisions for the most important day.

Weddings are a sensitive subject, full of emotions and joyful moments that we all want captured perfectly in our minds as a beautiful memory. Planning a wedding can be both overwhelming and exciting at the same time.

Proposing is the first big step towards the big wedding day, the one-day everyone wants to go perfectly smooth. This also leads to the next big question: Where to start?

Planning a wedding is something there are many ways to do, it is kind of like being on a journey and discovering different ideas, options, you meet new people and influencers on the way. In most cases this can be inspiring and in others this can be the overwhelming part.

To enjoy a more inspiring journey through the planning process your two new supportive tools will be checklists and timelines, the longer a timeline you have the better. Lets starts with the checklist that will cover the whole overall planning process:

• Set a budget
• Set a date
• Decide on guest numbers
• Choose a venue & Caterer
• Choose wedding vendors
• Detailed planning & itinerary
• The big day is here

Lets look further in to each point in the checklist to get a better understanding of how the process works.

Set a budget

Setting a budget for the wedding will help narrow down the many existing options that are out there and save time. It is easy to get swooped in to ideas and visions if you do not have a budget, such as larger venues with grounds, extravagant centerpieces or luxurious cakes. Sit down together and discuss how much you can afford to avoid disappointment later, don’t forget to include your parents if you think are going to contribute towards the wedding.

Set a date

The next step is to set a date that works for you and your close relatives, it’s a good idea to work with a few dates during peak season as some venues or vendors may already be booked. Booking peak dates and bank holidays can be difficult depending on how far in advance you are planning.

Decide on guest numbers

To be able to obtain proposals for venues and caterers the next step will be to decide on the rough number of guests you would like to have attend your wedding. The set budget will also play a part in how many guests you can afford to have attending.

Venue & Catering

Choosing a venue and caterer walk hand in hand on this journey as certain venues allow you to bring in any caterer you would like, others have in-house catering and some work with a preferred catering list. Once a date and guest numbers have been decided on your enquiring process begins with venues and caterers and these will automatically be narrowed down based on guest numbers, date and budget.

It is very important you feel comfortable with the caterers and venue you choose to go with as your big day will be in their hands. The last thing you would want on your big day is to worry about dirty dishes or missing chairs, which is why it is important to understand what is including within the offered packages from both venues and caterers.

Wedding vendors

Time to bring the big day to life and completing the look by selecting the wedding vendors you need to add a special touch. Over the past years the list of additional wedding suppliers has grown massively and there are many type of touches you can add, but this does come down to your budget and capacity of venue. DJ, wedding cake, decorator and any other services you would be interested in having would come in at this point.

Detailed planning

We are now getting closer to the big day and it is time to start planning the running order for the day. Depending on the chosen venue and caterer one of the two would assist with this part, as this is key information the vendors would have to work around. At this point all logistics for the day would be discussed and noted down along with timings for each action to happen.

The Big Day!

The main part of the whole process is the big wedding day, where it all comes together and gets executed by the wedding vendors. The most important thing here is to relax, enjoy and embrace each moment best way possible even if little things don’t fully go as planed. Unfortunately certain things are out of anyone’s control such as bad weather, accidents causing guest or supplier delays, but the most important thing is to have the whole wedding party come together and solve such situations best way possible. Anything that needs to be worried about can be worried about later.

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